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Thank You All!!!
Once again, visitors and players from across the US, Canada and Mexico converged on Phoenix to participate in the 9th annual Cactus Classic Field Hockey Tournament held January 17-18, 2015.  We saw a total of 30 teams participate in this event with players as young as 5 and as old as 63.

We wanted to thank all the players, teams and guests who made the effort to join us for this event.  Special thanks to Arizona Field Hockey Federation and Marina Winn for organizing the youth divisions.  Last but not least, we wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to all the Phoenix Scorpions community and volunteers who donated their time, effort and resources to made sure our guests we well taken care of.

We look forward to meeting you all next year and always keep the ball moving!

Phoenix Scorpions FHC

Founded in the Valley of the Sun in 1998, the Phoenix Scorpions Field Hockey Club has kept the sport of Field Hockey alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona.  As a non-profit, community based organization, the primary purpose of the club is to provide various levels of instruction and coaching for its members in order to foster the growth of the sport of Field Hockey.  This is achieved by providing specific development programs for each age/gender groups and skill level.

 Our membership consists of young players, men and women who enjoy playing field hockey in an environment where they are able to improve and enhance their skills from a beginner to Olympic team qualification level.   The core of the club is made-up of members who are active in every level of the clubs operation.  We have the ability to draw on our most experienced players (ex-Olympians and several International level players) to help coach and guide our younger players.  Doing so allows our players to develop their skills necessary to excel and advance to higher and more competitive levels of field hockey.

 Membership is open to all ages and skill levels.  We encourage you to contact us or visit us during one of our practices sessions to find out for yourself the thrill and fun of playing Field Hockey.  Even if you’ve never played before, just drop by and any of our members will be glad to tell you about the sport; show you a few moves and teach you the basics of the sport.  Parents, you can rest assured Field Hockey is a very safe sport, which teaches kids all the skills of teamwork and enables personal development.

 So come on – consider this your personal invitation to join our club, have fun and play good hockey!

You can also join us at and sign up to receive updates and information about our club activities.

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