​​Phoenix Scorpions Field Hockey Club

The Phoenix Scorpions Field Hockey Club is a not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of Field Hockey in Arizona.  Our primary objective is youth development through coaching, training and tournament participation.  Our club functions primarily through donations, good will, commitment, hard work, dedication and love of hockey from its members and the community.

Our mailing address is:
PHOENIX SCORPIONS FHC, 1726 W. Gambit Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85085

Email us at: scorpionsfhc@gmail.com

Our key members are:
Bob Khosla - Club Co-ordinator   bob.s.khosla@gmail.com
Manmohan Brar - Treasurer   moebrar@yahoo.com
Shamsher Johal - Youth Programs    samjohal@msn.com

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